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Full Apostolic School Curriculum

Jesus took three years to train His Apostles.

We hope to accomplish this in the same time

Apostolic School Curriculum

Bachelor of Apostolic Ministry

1.  Full foundational training for the Apostolic Calling

2.  Suitable for all Members of the Fivefold Ministry

3. Leads to functioning in Apostolic Ministry

4. Prepares for Placement in Apostolic Office

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Bachelor Apostolic Ministry

Master  of Apostolic Ministry

1.  Higher level training for all true apostles

2.  Suitable only for those confirmed in Apostolic Calling

3.  Leads to functioning in Apostolic Office

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Master Apostolic Ministry

Doctor of Apostolic Ministry

1.  For Those Called to be Apostolic Trainers

2.  Suitable for those already in Apostolic Office

3.  Leads to functioning as a full Apostolic Trainer

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Doctor Apostolic Ministry

Please Note

The above timeframes assume no extra materials will be necessary.

We have allowed however some additional weeks for extra input along the way, thus making each course approximately a full year