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The Gbm Academy Apostolic Training Course

God has called you to be an Apostle. You have felt  this for a while, and perhaps some prophets have prophesied over you that you have this calling. But you need some training on how to function in this ministry. You need an Apostolic School to prepare you for your calling.

You came to the right place. Here you will not only learn what is involved in the Apostolic Ministry, but you will be equipped to rise up into the full Apostolic Office.

Only God can make you into an Apostle, but we can help equip you and show you the way. Then you will recognize what the Lord does in your life, and understand some of the things that happen to you as you begin this journey.

It will certainly be a journey unlike any other and as a student of our Apostolic School Curriculum, you will find something unique happening as you start your studies.

1. If you truly have an Apostolic Calling, you will find yourself literally LIVING the lessons as you receive them.  In other words, you will not only learn theory but the life lessons will be included with it.

2. If you have any problems along the way or need some explanation, we will be there to help point you in the right direction.

3. You will face times of pressure and testing that you did not expect. Do not let this surprise you. The Apostolic Calling is the highest of all the Fivefold Ministry, and more will be demanded of you. So even if you have gone through training for other ministries, expect to be really challenged by this one.

Will You Make It?

The training for an Apostle is the most intensive of all, and not many of those who start out on this journey make it to the end. There is a huge price to pay in order to rise up and become one of the Lord’s Generals in the Body of Christ.

So before you start this journey, make sure that you have what it takes to follow through.

And if you are not prepared to put in the effort, face the change and challenges and persevere until the end, then perhaps you were not really called to be an Apostle after all.

How You Will Study With Us

Distance Learning

Most of your studies will be done online using the internet. Although you are learning from a distance, you will receive all of the same study materials as live students, all downloadable from the internet.

In addition, course materials and live classroom sessions have been recorded on video and may be downloaded for viewing offline.

How To Study From A Distance

We would like you to imagine you are attending live as you watch the videos. So try to set aside time at least one evening per week as though you were attending a live class. If you do not schedule this you will never cope with the lessons.

You will be given practical projects to submit to Gbm Academy which you can do at your leisure. On completion of all projects in a course, your projects will be marked and you will be given a grading which will provide a credit towards earning your degree.

Live Classes

Although we no longer run consecutive classes for our schools, we do offer periodic live courses on a per subject basis. If you have purchased that course for online study, you will be eligible to attend such a course free of charge.

Included In the Course Costs

Costs of courses include all textbooks, so students are given full ebook downloads at the commencement of each new course section.

Students may download all study materials in video and audio format. Local students who have problems with data costs may order an additional USB drive onto which we will download these materials for direct access.

Students may purchase additional printed books from our bookshop at a special discounted price.

Course Qualification

Students will be assessed according to their responses to the projects, based on the projects submitted to the lecturer for marking.

Training for the Apostolic Calling involves far more than study and filling the mind with knowledge so we require more than knowledge of the materials to qualify an Apostolic Student

We do not require any attained level of academic qualification but will take anyone who has a true calling and passion to be trained.

If you do not have what it takes, we will birth it into you provided you are prepared to pay the price and follow through.

Contacting Your Lecturer

Responses to your projects will be by email and will be sent by your lecturer once they have viewed your projects.

All students are free to reply to the marking of their student projects and to communicate directly with their lecturer should they have questions, comments or need further help. But specific mentoring is only offered to students who enroll specifically in our Mentorship Program.

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Apostolic School Course Curriculum

All courses for this school are available from our Gbm Courses page. You can go there to see which subjects are needed for both the Bachelors and Masters Degree in Apostolic Ministry.

You may also do additional courses while studying to qualify in the Apostolic Ministry.

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