What Our Students Say About This Course

Additional feedbacks are posted at the bottom for those who wished to add more later

1. The information has been enlightening and it has brought clarity to me. I know that I can trust the process. I completely know that by His Spirit I have been led to this training. I would recommend this class to others. Even though I am not in the live class, I feel community by the sharing of the videos of the students that are in class. The interaction between Les and the students’ questions and answers to the previous week assignment allows me to get to know the other students and course material even more so. The ebooks are packed with great information and insight. Thank you. (Anna Scott)

2. This course has been Awesome so far. I believe that these teachings are straight from the Lord Jesus Christ and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in the Lord and become a better Minister and Leader for Him. (Kerry Thompson)

3. My thoughts on this course are extremely positive. These lessons will broaden your mind to how truly the Lord works in every sphere of life and development. I have been intellectually challenged by these teachings and am grateful for them. (William Boone)

4. I’m very enlightened from the course so far. I feel like a heavy mass has been taken off my shoulders through this knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to every servant of God that has a church and its leadership. (Lulama Konza)

5. I highly recommend this course for you that is hungry and wants to dig deeper. You will learn about Apostolic ministry on a very high level! Don’t look anymore, just apply to this course! It is simply the best! (Magnus Martinsson)

6. After these four lessons I thought of scripture saying “and God said let there be light and there was light” because before this course, these four principles are just like the earth back then, formless and void and darkness over them. As we go through them there is light and the light is good.I strongly recommend this course. When I started at GBMI and completed the evaluation form, it was asked if I will study with my wife and I replied ” not from the start but eventually she will”. I shared with her what I have been learning and she have decided to be part of the amazing learning environment. (Moemedi Malindah)

7. This course has blown me big time especially about new stuff that i did not know.Am beginning to desire more of knowledge and new stuff concerning spiritual matters.I think people will love this and it will help many in the coaching part and solving counselling problem we do have problems as people even emotional problems and some depression i think this is it for us.This is the right food for the spirit.People who have bad habits will be helped and some who are always influenced by friends will have a direction in dealing with such issues.i thank GOD for using you to equip us with more knowledge sometimes i desire to function like you,i have realize that you are equipped with some many things in the work of GOD. (Chester Tiro)

8. Yes I have learned a lot, I am enjoying to be part of the apostolic school. this is what I have been looking for. I was once in another bible school and what they taught was not inline with what my spirit needed. I attended only one year and I left, why I needed this, I regret buying only books refusing to attend the lessons. I could be far by now.

Yes I will recommend this school to many. I have already spoken to my younger son who is graced in prophecy to join me when the class start next year. Many are from the bible school where they are wrongly taught. They teach pastoring only even if they are prophets and apostles. (Doreen Christina Hlongwane)

9. This course is marvelous!!, We have never had mentorship coaching discipleship and counseling such as this in our life, your course has changed my life for the better. Every chance I get to share information that I have learn from the videos and lectures come with family and friends, they find it fascinating some of the knowledge that you have shared, I have suggested your course to a few pastors, I’m pretty sure they will be getting in touch with you, again thank you for your wisdom and detailed work for the Lord bringing in the Harvest as needed for these last days. (Walter Hills)

10. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, thus far and I would definitely recommend it to others. If you are considering, studying, this is the material to enhance your learning and cause you to go to a whole higher level. I love it! You can only rise to higher heights and deeper depths! (Verna Hills)

11. My evaluation of this wonderful course is that, I would not wait for a second to recommend this course to others who are considering studying, because I do not want them to waste so much of their money on books that are not lived. This is my only regret that I wasted so much money buying books that were not lived. I didn’t even learn this course in my four years in bible school with specific anointing in it. All that I received in bible school is a full head of knowledge which is not working especially dealing with people who have serious problem with demonic bondage in their lives. (John Ilevbare)

12. This course served as an eye opener to me. The four principles challenged me a lot. In mentorship I got a challenge that I have to stand up and mentor other people in all areas of ministry. From what I have gained from GBM so far, I have to stand and begin mentorship.

I can faithfully recommend others who are considering stdying because this course brings one from zero to being an able minister. (Collin Simbisai Shumba)

13. I would absolutely recommend these teachings. Les gives you something to work with and use when ministering. I have heard very eloquent speakers but they teach you nothing just make you feel good. This lesson on why people ask for prayer, simply put they don’t know right from wrong and need to be taught. He shows you what to look for and what common issues that arise in these circumstances. I think if every preacher taught like this the world would be a much better place. (Connie Jaques)