Application For Enrollment As A Student

Before completing an application to enroll as a student in our Apostolic School please take note of the following and make sure that you are ready to commit yourself to this training.

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Full Training Consists of Two Annual Courses

Level 1 – Apostolic Ministry

You may elect to do only the first level, which takes 12 months. By the time you have completed this level, you should have a clear understanding of what is involved in being an apostle and should have started functioning in your calling.

If you feel that is as far as you wish to go for now, you can choose to leave the second level for later or skip it altogether.

You will receive a Bachelors Degree in Apostolic Ministry after completing this course and a graduation ceremony will be held for all qualifying students at the end of their training period.

Level 2 – Apostolic Office

If you successfully complete level 1 training and are ready to proceed to the more intensive training for full Apostolic Office, you will be given an opportunity to enroll in the second level training, which will take another 12 months.

This is the ultimate training for Apostolic Office and will transform you from an ordinary minister into a leader in the Body of Christ.

You will not only learn what is involved in the Apostolic Office, but you will be equipped to now go out and train others and raise up leaders in the Body of Christ.

You will graduate with a Masters Degree in Apostolic Ministry and a graduation ceremony will be held on completion of the course.

Payment of Course Costs

You may study in two different ways, and the costs will vary depending on which scheme you choose.

Monthly Payment scheme

All students must pay up front monthly in advance for their training. The monthly cost of training for this course is R750.00 (R1100.00 for a couple). Distance Learning students pay the same as live students, since it requires additional work on our part to make these materials available to you.

For distance learning students paying in dollars, the price is $70 single or $100 for a couple.

Apostolic Ministry Level – Bachelor in Apostolic Ministry

The first year module will take 10 months to complete, which means the total cost will be R7500 or $700.

Apostolic Office Level – Master in Apostolic Ministry 

The second year module will take 12 months to complete, which means the total cost will be R9000 or $840.

We are offering all of this at very low prices to help as many people get trained as possible. But we just cannot afford at this stage to offer this training freely.

Our payment gateway, PayFast will take international credit cards and accept payment in rand or convert the rand equivalent into your currency. Those paying in dollars may make payment via Paypal. If you are in South Africa you may also pay directly using  EFT to our bank account.

Live students will be required to make their first payment prior to commencing the course, and thereafter they may either pay just before the new month’s lesson, or they may bring their payment with and pay at the first lesson of the month.

Consideration may be given to those who cannot pay on time, but extended failure to pay will lead to a student being dismissed from the class.

Single Course payment Scheme

Students may choose to study a single course subject at a time, and pay only for that subject until they are ready to do additional subjects.

Each course subject carries its own cost, and only that amount will need to be paid. The student may then take as long as they wish to complete that course before starting and paying for additional courses.

To see all apostolic courses offered in this payment plan, follow the link below:


Qualification for a degree will require all the necessary courses in a degree program to be completed.

Pre Course Interview

We are happy to offer you a personal interview before you commence the course, but since our time is valuable, we will only offer this with the understanding that you will enroll during the interview, and make payment for the first month.

If you choose to not go ahead with the course, you will still be required to pay a fee of R200.00 for the interview.  We can guarantee that the interview will be extensive, and will include personal ministry and direction concerning your ministry.

Existing Students

Monthly students who are already attending another class with us and paying their monthly student fee may add this extra school course to their agenda without paying the full amount.

You can register and attend by paying only half of the course costs. This applies to all additional school courses you enroll in.

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